Gas Tax Karen Spiegel Supports High Speed Rail

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel Supports High Speed Rail

W.T. Absolute F?

There is a way to prove incompetence as a leader…

Yes, it is possible, that if you’d like to show the world that you don’t care about how their hard earned tax dollars are spent, you can…

You can tell the people that trusted you enough to put you into a position of power, that their opinions don’t matter…

How, you ask?

You can give them the metaphorical finger by supporting something so financially irresponsible, so overwhelmingly hated by the public, and so universally understood to be bad policy.

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel did just that by signing a letter in support of high speed rail.


There’s no way a politician from the Inland Empire could support this boondoggle, right? This is something that politicians campaign AGAINST, right???

Let’s take future Assemblyman Billy Essayli for example. Here he is on Fox Business News campaigning against it. In fact, he even calls high speed rail a “boondoggle” on his ballot statement.

Or her November opponent, former Assmeblyman Eric Linder, who has a strong record of voting against high speed rail.

But that makes sense. Everyone knows high speed rail is a bad idea. So why would Bullet Train Karen Spiegel support it?

Could it be that the transportation construction companies that donate to her campaign want her to support it?

Maybe she just thought it was a good idea?

Here’s a prediction, you heard it here first:

Bullet Train Karen Spiegel has a history of supporting horrible ideas for political gain, and then, when the public calls her out on it, and she realizes she’s been caught, she flip-flops and redacts her original position. She did support the gas tax, after all, but then made these comments when the public made a stink about it.


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