Gas Tax Karen Spiegel Won’t Win County Supervisor – She can barely win in Corona

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel Won’t Win County Supervisor – She can barely win in Corona

The Riverside County Registrar of Voters just finished counting ballots for the District 2 County Supervisor election, and though Gas Tax Karen Spiegel barely made second place, the third place challenger, Penny Newman, declared that she won’t seek a recount. Gas Tax Karen Spiegel will have to face former Assemblyman Eric Linder, who has been on the ballot in high profile elections throughout the district, in a November runoff.

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel was elected to Corona’s city council in 2002. She has been on the ballot for sixteen years in Corona. With such a long tenure, it’s safe to assume that she should easily defeat any reputable candidate in her city (like Mike Gardner did in Riverside. See results below), right?

That’s not how it happened. Here’s how the district voted:

How is this possible???

  1. She threw Corona under the bus and supported SB1 (the GAS TAX), one of the largest tax increases in HISTORY:

And then she lied about it right to your face!

2. Gas Tax Karen outraised and outspent everyone. By a lot! She had to. Unlike Linder, she has never been on the ballot outside of Corona. Gas Tax Karen needed to convince people that have never heard of her, and don’t know about the damage she’s done to the city of Corona, to vote for her.

But do you want to see what citizens of Corona think of her?

Take a look at some of the Corona Facebook groups say (Be sure to check out the entertaining comments to the posts here. You may have to join the group)


Supervisor candidate Penny Newman screwed the pooch by playing the race card, and unfortunately, it backfired. This move EASILY cost her a couple hundred votes.

Penny Newman was the only democrat running in a crowded field of Republican candidates. She had a lot going for her; party support, and a refreshing opinion considering that the other candidates running somewhat beat the same drum. Had she not accused the Police Department of racial profiling, the November election would be Linder Vs. Newman.

On to November:

Linder should win easily. Gas Tax Karen is marketing herself as a conservative – which isn’t true. A conservative would NEVER support a tax increase like the Gas Tax. This was a bad idea on her part if she wants to win the confidence of Penny Newman’s voters, who may be more closely aligned with Linder.

Will Martinez did much better than expected, with very little campaigning. Is it safe to assume that his success was related to his Latino last name? Or that Linder will convince the heavily Latino district that he’s Latino enough? (Should we take bets to see if he changes his name to Lindero?)

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