POLL: Overwhelming Opposition to Gas Tax Karen Spiegel for Riverside County Supervisor

POLL: Overwhelming Opposition to Gas Tax Karen Spiegel for Riverside County Supervisor

I’ve heard rumors for months that a poll has been conducted in the Riverside County Supervisor election to replace John Tavaglione in District 2.

A limited copy of the poll has finally landed in my hands. I’m glad to report that Gas Tax Karen can be found basically in last place, leading only William Martinez (who??) and Councimember Eugene Montanez, who has yet to file his candidacy papers with the Registrar of Voters, and according to many politicos, has completely dropped out of the race.

Gas Tax Karen is in a difficult spot to recover from, especially while she’s facing a recall and backlash from the community for her support of SB1 which is one of the largest tax increases in California history.

SB1, a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, increases gas taxes by $.12 per gallon and raises vehicle registration fees up to $175 additional dollars. On March 17, 2017, Gas Tax Karen signed a letter supporting the tax on behalf of the city of Corona (click here to view).

I hear there’s more polling data out there, but for now, it’s all I have. Check back soon, as I’ll post if I receive more info.

Here’s what it says:

*’Gas Tax Karen’ was not how poll questions were phrased. Just how I’m reporting it here. This is ‘GasTaxKaren.com after all.

Eric Linder, Local Small Businessman
Eric Linder, Local Small Businessman24.3%
Definitely Eric Linder10.7%
Probably Eric Linder8.3%
Lean Eric Linder5.3%
Mike Gardner, Riverside City Councilmember
Mike Gardner, Riverside City Councilmember17%
Definitely Mike Gardner7.0%
Probably Mike Gardner5.7%
Lean Mike Gardner4.3%
Penny Newman, Environmental Activist
Penny Newman, Environmental Activist15.7%
Definitely Penny Newman6.7%
Probably Penny Newman7.0%
Lean Penny Newman2.0%
Gas Tax Karen Spiegel, Corona City Councilmember
Gas Tax Karen Spiegel, Corona City Councilmember11.3%
Definitely Gas Tax Karen Spiegel5.3%
Probably Gas Tax Karen Spiegel3.7%
Lean Gas Tax Karen Spiegel2.3%
Eugene Montanez, Businessman/City Councilmember
Eugene Montanez, Businessman/City Councilmember10.3%
Definitely Eugene Montanez2.3%
Probably Eugene Montanez5.7%
Lean Eugene Montanez2.3%
William Martinez, Local Small Businessman
William Martinez, Local Small Businessman2.3%
Definitely William Martinez1.0%
Probably William Martinez1,0%
Lean William Martinez0.3%
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